Thursday, December 10, 2009

January Magazine Covers..

Britney Spears In Elle [Flip Side Of Gaga]
Lady Gaga In Elle
Helena Christensen in Elle United Kingdom
Hilary Duff In Nylon
Isabeli Fontana In Vogue Portugal
Rachel Weisz In Vogue United Kingdom
Kate Hudson In Marie Claire Australia
Natalie Portman in Marie Claire
Kate Hudson in Harper Bazaar
Scarlett Johansson in Harper Bazaar United Kingdom
Victoria Beckman in Harper Bazaar Australia
Olivia Wilde in Lucky
Jennifer Garner in W
Sarah Jessica Parker in Glamour
Whitney Houston in InStyle
Penelope Cruz in Interview
Rachelle Lefevre in Flare [Canada]
Anika Noni Rose In Essence
Amanda Bynes in Cosmo
A Couple Of Magazines [I'm sure this is not all of them] Coming out January 2010 i didnt list the Decemeber 2009 because i'm pretty sure we all Seen them already [Magazines] A couple of them on this list i will be getting Like Nylon ,and Elle Just To Name A Few..If i Missed any Feel Free to list them so other people can check them out..


  1. Hi darling, I've been so busy lately, sorry for the late response! Your blog is allways amazing

    The Bible of fashion,

  2. I like the Helena´s one! She is great!


  3. would someone please STOP putting actresses on magazine covers? models look so much better! no fake smiles, no weird looks on their faces.

  4. Nice covers:)

    I like the Britney one...


  5. i love elle magazine.. But i feel its kind of stupid and absurd to have to celebrities on the cover.. and 2 covers in general.. The cover should be the individual and that individual should be able to own it.. That just shows that ELLE is starting to step up there marketing game for a reason unknown!!

  6. gaga and scarlett are my two favs

  7. love this! i love seeing actresses on covers of magazines, i want to buy them for the interviews. and i'm especially loving the kate hudson & natalie portman marie claire covers.

  8. oooh, theres a couple of these i'd loove to read
    like the britney one and the sjp one feeer sure

  9. I Think My Favorite Ones are The Harper Bazzar Covers..

  10. Britney looks so cute! Im so happy shes back

  11. I liked tho one with Scarlett!
    Nice blog! :)


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