Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Brief Encounter..{Diddy & Natalia}

So For The US February issue Of Vogue Natalia Vodianova is paired with Diddy for this Train Station Love Story done By Annie Leibovitz. I Love it Diddy Looks Nice as Usually and She is Pretty - i Wish i Had Her Eyes they're just pretty haha So Random and Weird

*Bonus Picture*
Plus Size Model Crystal Renn Shoots an Editorial For Sleek [Nude Shoot] Photo By Cameron Krone

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  1. WOWWWW<3
    These pics are amazing!
    So vintage-esque and pretty and feminine
    Gorgeous :) xxx

  2. these photos are gorgeous! love the one where she is in white and about to kiss him in the train! what magazine are these from? xx

  3. @ The Style Crusader they're from U.S Vogue

  4. I love this editorial... Annie Leibovitz is really the best.

  5. ooo...cute pictures..
    i love your blog...

  6. Love natalia, sooo not a Diddy fan...LOVE the spread!

  7. oh yeah... :)

  8. I'm actually a Diddy fan, and these photos are magnificent.
    I wouldn't say these 2 have very much natural chemistry, though!

  9. At first I was like..diddy in Vogue? Haha I forgot about Sean jean for a second! Such a good line!

  10. Hy! I would have never thought that I'd see these 2 together, but the pics are great!

    Also Crystal Renn doesn't really look oversize in this photo...:P

    You have an award on my page :D


  11. always love natalie in pictures!



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