Thursday, January 14, 2010

No Moon Only Stars..

"Once Upon a time, preppy classics like blazers, nauticals and crisp cottons were in a deep sleep. But with a dash of naughty secretary and an enchanted garden to boot, the fashion fairy tale comes to life."

Love this editorial the original title -From The Book was "The Moon and Stars" but there is no moon so i changed it..Photos Done by Amanda Pratt

All Pics are Featured in this Book i Just Got today.

*Bonus Picture*
Rihanna is on the Cover of the New W Magazine..This Was My favorite picture i'm sure everybody seen all the pics by now


  1. I'm absolutely dying over that stripped blazer in the first picture. very nice!!
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  2. yay! my first follower, haha
    keep up the good work, I'll be commenting soon because i am now following you also!


  3. i have such an obsession with blazers they fill my wardrobe :)love the striped one!!!

  4. Gorgeous editorial - love the preppy look! :)

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  5. love the editorial!! amazing xx

  6. love the photos with the stars.

  7. love the bowl cut & the short suit.


  8. I'm loving that first picture - so pretty and fun with the atars!

  9. Wow! Another great photoshoot! Love. Love Love.
    Thanks for posting!

  10. Wow i love these photos! especially the one of Rihanna :) Nice blog i am following back! xo

  11. What a beautiful editorial! So magical and some great styling!


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