Wednesday, February 24, 2010

90210 or Gossip Girls...

Which Show is Better??

-I Was reading a post about Gossip Girls on someone blog and everybody keep talking about how "Great" That show is and i don't really get the hype [Maybe i have to really sit down and get into it] so Me i'm going to say 90210 ALL the Way..I Mean sure The Cast of Gossip Girl probably dress better than the 90210 Cast and you might think they have better looking boys but 90210 is the best Show Gossip Girl Suck!!!- haha the only person name i know on Gossip Girl is Blair so you know i don't really watch that show i think i'm the only person i know that don't...
*Just A Random For Fun Post

Both Shows Will Be Back Soon..90210 - March 9th & Gossip Girls March 8th


  1. 90210. I can't get into Gossip Girl either!

  2. i would have to agree gossip girls have cuter outfits but 90210 is way way better :)
    love ur blog!!!

  3. Im going to argue on the side of gossip girl. i guess australia can agree since 90210 didn't survive past two eps...although i did enjoy it for the very bried period it was on but Gossip Girl is an addiction for me

  4. I'll vote for Melrose Place (when Ashley Simpson is out of the picture)!

  5. on gossip girl they apparently dress better...i can rarely be bothered to put in the effort to watch any kind of tv series but if i had to choose its def 90210 ♥



  6. haven't watched 90210's second season,
    but i love the 1st season!

    and i think gossip girl's 3rd season is not as good as its 1st and 2nd . i mean the story is too dramatic.
    i only watch gossip girl to check out taylor momsen's outfits.
    lol :)


  7. I watch both and love both. I like the style of 90210 better. Gossip Girl cast wear clothes that make them look older. 90210 is trendy. Both shows are good. Try to watch gossip girl once it starts back up.

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  8. GOSSIP GIRL ALL THE WAY! It's amazinggg, and the clothes are incredible :)
    You should try watching it and I'm sure you'll love it.
    I do love 90210 as well though... just prefer Gossip Girl



  9. i prefer gossip girl ^^

  10. I watch Gossip Girl because I've read the books first...they aren't the same thing but I still love them...
    I don't know 90210 because I didn't see any episode

  11. That's a toughie!
    But I would have to say Gossip Girl just about wins it for me.
    the storyline is better and the clothes... omg they're wonderful!

    Sonia :) xx

  12. gg all the way :P

  13. hmm. i've never actually bothered to sit and watch 90210.
    but Gossip girl WAS the best show ever. it got increasingly worse sadly.
    Also, have ALOT of grammar mistakes...hehe...(sorry, im a grammar freak?)

  14. Are you kidding me? Gossip Girl is like the teenage Sex and The City and even more!

    Just try to look at a few episodes, from the beginning so that you understand everything and you will see the amazing story, characters, lines, etc. It's really so much more than just nice clothing!

    Have a fun day


  15. haha cici i know but its a blog not an english paper...i just write and barely read it,i'll work on that for you tho lol

  16. Gossip girl all the way! 90210 has great fashion but gossip girl is more high fashion. Whereas 90210's main pull is plot Gossip girl was created to bring high fashion to young adults. Just look at Blair's Oscar de la Renta gown (pre-fall 2010.)

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