Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gaga The Fame Mons+er..[Telephone Video Stills & Q Shoot]

These Are a Few pics from Lady Gaga’s Q magazine shoot photos by John Wright. The magazine will be out March 23 in the UK.
*Via Gagadaily*
Speaking Of Lady Gaga Here is Some Video Stills from Here Upcoming Video "Telephone" featuring Beyonce  which should be out sometime in March-i Love this Song and Can't wait to see the Video...Doesn't matter how crazy people think Gaga is i think she's Dope definitely my Favorite

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  1. The song is dope, the style of the stills looks awesome. I love that sorta stuff, you know like that old vintage style. Follow me.

  2. I love the stills from Telephone! Especially with the stars. Not to mention I love that song already, too! :)

  3. hmmmmmm, i really cant work this girl out. on the one hand, i applaud her for her wild fashion sense and for standing out, on the other hand she is far to artificial and weird for me to like! loving these stills though, amazing ♥


  4. Gaga is just amazing on every angle. Yeah she has her own insecurites. But either herself or her stylish make her stand out in the crowd and in a way her confidence on stage and in the news makes women feel better :) <3

  5. her style is so interesting. she's definitely going to be like the next Madonna.

  6. Yeah, Gaga rulls, can't wait for the video, but I don't like the way her hair looks on her in the magazine photos. It doesn't make her look beautiful, but then again, I'm not sure it should ...:P


  7. Ohhhhhhhhhhh my lordy. I can't wait to see this video! soooo excited!


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