Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Toy Soldier..

Okay so Yesterday i was in Walmart and was scanning the magazine rows tryna see if any new ones were out that i didn't have already and came across the New Teen Vogue issue -i Didn't buy it tho i will probably get it tomorrow or something i just looked in it and came across these pics i like them to me its a great editorial..
In Stores Now Go Get it..BTW New Magazine Post -On All The March Magazines Will Be Up Soon ;)
Also Thanks to Kristie Over at The Society Of Style and Sonia Over At Dozen Dresses for Giving Me These Awards
7 Things i Love:
* My Family
*Blogging and You Guys of course
*Jimmy John Subs
*Sour Patches and Gatorade
*90210 -Kinda Addicted to the Show
*My Blackberry (But i might be getting a iphone i hear they're Better)

Thanks Kristie and Sonia!!


  1. teen vogue always has great editorials!

  2. i Agree i Think thats why i Love teen vogue so much

  3. great editorial!

  4. Your header is so beautiful, I believe that you are a person very creative :)
    I follow you

  5. Love the pictures...I've loved and been a subscriber of Teen Vogue for forever!!!


  6. the hair - check!
    the colors - check!
    the imagination - check, check!

    editorial - awesome - check!

  7. Hy, amazing editorial!Where do you find these great photos all the time?!

    Have a fun day


  8. love the way they played with proportions in that spread. really beautiful! xx


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