Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome to The Fun House..

Sasha Pivovarova is an AMAZING model definitely a favorite of mines pics will be featured in Interview magazine photos done by Craig McDean...So i Was going to do a Post about the Grammy's BUT i found these AMAZING pictures and decided to post these instead..Yeah The Grammy's Kinda Sucked was Okay Pink had thee Best Performance other good ones were Beyonce, Jamie Foxx , Lil Wayne, Green Day was Pretty Good and Of Course Lady Gaga she always puts on a Great Performance.   
                                             *Bonus Picture Video*
Pink is AMAZING!!! Favorite Performance At The Grammy's

*Giveaway Ended Yesterday Thanks to ALL who entered i Will Be Announcing the Winner Of The Giveaway Soon ;)


  1. These pictures are fantastic, soft Grafiti designs are so creative...

  2. those pictures are amazing!! didn't watch the grammy's this year, but i agree pink is pretty great. xx

  3. that photo shoot is just wow. love the vitality, and, of course, sasha :)

  4. Looks at those tights in the pictures, God so graphic and so colorful!Just shows that tights and leggings are still very hot this year!

  5. I love the pictures eveeen more than those horrid grammy dresses hahaha So good job on not even posting about the grammys lol


  6. Those patterns are beautiful,

  7. these pictures are so creative!


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