Monday, March 15, 2010

April Magazine Covers..

Amanda Seyfried, Leighton Meester and Zoe Saldana in Glamour - i Have the one with Amanda on it..
Amanda Seyfried in Glamour UK
Vanessa Paradis in Glamour France
Lady Gaga in Cosmo
Holly Wiloughby in Cosmo UK
Fergie in Cosmo France and Nicole Scherzinger in Cosmo Russia
Heidi Klum in Marie Claire
Diane Kruger in Marie Claire UK
Louise Bourgoin in Marie Claire France and Victoria Beckham in Marie Claire Australia
Shia LaBeouf in GQ
Gemma Arterton in GQ UK
Jessica Szohr in Lucky
Lindsay Lohan in Purple Fashion Magazine
Nina Dobrev in Seventeen
Miley Cyrus in Teen Vogue...Why?? some may ask i don't know but i liked this issue..
Gerard Bulter and Jennifer Aniston in W -They would make a Cute Couple
Zoe Saldana in Essence
Qwen Stefani in InStyle -she needs to make a new cd i miss her music
Anna Friel in InStyle UK
Taylor Swift in Elle
Chloe Sevigny in Elle UK
Doutzen Kroes in Elle Norway and Scarlett Johansson in Elle Canada
Kate Hudson in Elle Japan
Gisele in Vogue U.S, Rosie Tupper in Vogue Australia and Daria Werbowy in Vogue Japan
Kate Moss in Vogue UK
Diane Krugger in Vogue Germany
Megan Fox in Harper Bazaar UK
Mia Wasikowska in Harper Bazaar Australia
Demi Moore in Harper Bazaar
Carrie Underwood in Allure
Kate B. In V Magazine
Michael Douglas In Vanity Fair
Sade in Ebony
Another monthly magazine post i know i'm missing a few like Nylon, and Interview but once i get those  covers i will post them up these are just a few magazines coming out in April - i already got a few of them like cosmo [gaga], seventeen, teen vogue, lucky and glamour [amanda seyfried] just to name a few..If i'm missing any feel free to list them so others can check them out..Which ones will you be getting?? -which ones are your favorite


  1. I love the Kate Moss that a Prada dress?!?! Love it!!! And I love the Heidi Klum Marie Claire...I love the winning project runway dress she's bright and pretty.

  2. gorgeous covers, except the blasphemous one of lindsay, and the one of miley, she's just not cover material..

  3. My favourite covers are the Vogue UK and Glamour UK - i absolutely love Amanda Seyfried, she's so gorgeous!

  4. Thanks for getting these covers! I always aimlessly stare at them when im in Tesco or something haha :) xxx

  5. Good covers !!
    I love those with Amanda Seyfied, Vanessa Paradis, Diane Kruger, Gemma Arteton, Lindsay Lohan & Gwen Stefani ! Theyre Beautiful !

  6. i love these monthly magazine cover posts! :) one of my favorites is definitely Amanda Seyfried on the Glamour UK cover! she's gorgeous.

  7. ahh i wish i had all these magazines on hand. then i wouldn't be so bored at work :)

    i love gaga, but sometimes she looks a bit odd...

    Tie Me a Bow

  8. I had been definitely planning on picking up the April issue of Cosmo, but looking at the covers you've posted here I think maybe I should buy a couple of the others as well. Lady Gaga certainly has made public panty wearing all the rage. I was pleasantly surprised at how good Taylor Swift looks in full brief panties on the cover of Elle. I've never read G Q but maybe I should. Carrie Underwood looks too thin on the cover of Allure, but I like the outfit. What a great batch of magazine covers! Thanks for sharing them.

  9. i always love your magazine cover post :)
    from those pics above i like elle & W cover the most!
    jen and gerard butler look great together!

    Castor Pollux

  10. Thanks for sharing this. They are very pretty. The GO one is not my favorite. ;) I added you to my blogroll as you suggested. Please, add my blog too. ;)

    B* a la Moda

  11. Yey for Leighton! My favs are always Bazaar and Elle!


  12. Stunning covers! The cover is one of my favorite parts when receiving the magazine in the mail :)


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