Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blog Awards...[I Appreciate them]

From Lianna J of Designer Jeans and Ramen Noodles And Danushi of House In Tillford
From Sweet Bee of Style Red Candy
From, Lolita of Lolita Says So
Thanks you guys for the awards...I'm going to be giving out 2 awards first is the i Love your blog award:
And The Award Goes to:
2. Diane of Diane Freedom
3. Isabella of The Fake Bitch
4. Warren of The Faindent
6. Hannah of London Rose
7. Leah of Leah
And the award goes to:
3.  Style Revolution of Rock And Couture
4. Vinda of Fashion Atelier
5. Audrey of Audrey Allure
7. Jen of Jennifhsieh

So i have to say 10 things i Love:
* The Hills -Sucks this is the last season oh well at least The City is still going to be on ;)
* Hollister - all i wear
* Paramore - I love this band
* 90210 - but you already knew that
* Goldfish snack crackers [cheddar]
*My Blackberry
* Gatorade
* ke$ha cd -fave song blah blah blah
* Chelsea Lately - Love this show
* My readers, and followers

*If you've given me an award let me know so i can post it up...Go check out those amazing blogs and follow them


  1. Thank you so much for the award!


  2. I already knew that you have great taste, so it's great seeing you received blog awards. I will definitely be checking out not just the blogs you got awards from, but the 7 recipients each for the "I Love Your Blog" Award and the "Best Blog" Award. I'm looking forward to hours of happy blog watching. Thank you!

  3. @pantybuns i will get you next time i forgot to add yours i love your blog to tho ;)

  4. Thank you...You know I love what you got to give!

  5. congrats on your awards, and thank you so much! i love blog awards:) will post it tomorrow!

  6. Congrats on the awards... truly well-deserved.

    Thanks for sharing the "I love your blog" award with me.

    I love Goldfish cheese crackers too. I always have a box in my car in case I get hungry during traffic. :-)

    Have a great weekend my dear! xoxo

  7. aww thank you darling!
    you are so sweet! :)

  8. thanks a lot neesha <3 that means a lot!!

  9. Hy! Thanks so much for the award! You're so sweet, I love yours too! :D

    have a super fun day!


  10. ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
    thank u so much for the award!
    ur the sweetest!
    i also love ur blog i post about u :)
    check it out!
    and thanks again!


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