Monday, March 22, 2010

It's SPRING!!! i-D Spring 2010 Covers..& Calvin Klein Spring Ad [Underwear]

Freja Erichsen photo done by Emma Summerton
Sasha Pivovarova photo done by Emma Summerton -One of my favorite models at the moment
*Pics Via FGR*
Natalia Vodianova photo done by Paolo Roversi

Which Cover is your favorite? Me i like them all but i think Freja's cover is the best
Eye Candy:
Hidetoshi Nakata [retired Japanese soccer player] and Fernando Verdasco [Spanish tennis player]...
Mehcad Brooks..i LOVE you haha his body is NICE!!!!...i gotta thing for boys with abs that are Ripped like his..
*Bonus Pictures*
Kellan such a cutie

This Ad is Sexyy..Calvin Klein WELL DONE!!! I'm Loving this Spring 2010 Campaign Ad ;)


  1. my favorite is Natalia Vodianova

  2. the cover with freja is the best,because she is my favourite model :)but natalia also looks great on the cover ^^

  3. I'm gonna go with Freja.

  4. The guys look in great shape, but I'm just not into guys or even being one. Full brief panties are much more comfortable than the ones they make for guys. I guess I'll have to go with the photo by Emma Summerton. Love the "It's Spring! Let's Get Sprung" line too.

  5. it's been some time since I last bought i-D. this one looks worth the penny.


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