Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meet The Blogger..Jade Purple Brown

*Favorite Designer: Balmain all the way! I love the edge and sparkle of all their clothing, plus they always have the best runway music! Who Else plays Prince & The Sugarhill Gang on the runway?!

*Age: 17 years young

*One Celeb you would love to meet / One Celeb you're sick of hearing about: I would love to meet Lady Gaga (Who wouldn't) and I m so sick of Miley Cyrus!Why was she a mentor last week on American Idol?!

*Why Should people read your blog, what makes it stand out from other "fashion blogs": I love reading comments from my "Little Fashion God's" so I try to incorporate them into my posts as much as possible. If its a fashion editorial or the latest trend, I love knowing what my readers think!

*Three things you can't live without: My computer, Fashion Magazines & Kid Cudi's Music!

*Favorite food: Macaroni & Cheese

*Name one blog that you really like and feel others should check out: I absolutely love Cheap Thrills! She produces the most amazing outfits, and has great music taste.

*In One Word Describe yourself: Creative

*One Trend you wish would disappear: UGGS! There the most hideous shoes ever besides Crocs, but that's another story!

*Favorite Songs at The moment: Falling To Pieces by The Script & Blow The Whistle by Too $hort

*What you want to be when you get older: I want to be a stylist and a positive figure in the heartless fashion industry.

Everyone Go Check Out Jade's Cool Blog and Follow Her..Thanks Jade for Answering the questions for me...

-Next month this will turn into a monthly thing one blogger each month but since i already had 2 lined up for this month I will be doing another meet the blogger later on this week i really enjoy doing these "meet the blogger" posts and since i don't read minds if you want to do a Meet the blogger let me know send me an email or something Oh and please dont forget to ENTER the giveaway...


  1. she's such an interesting woman! i can see how her style relates to balmain. i love balmain too!

  2. Hy, yes, I'd love to do that. Just tell me what I have to do next :)


  3. oh it's so nice of u to feature Jade on your blog
    her blog is so cool!

    Castor Pollux

  4. Her blog looks really good =)! great interview

    xo precilla

  5. So nice to see Jade getting some love! She has great fashion sense and always posts interesting stuff.

    - Catherine at Littlehouse of Style

  6. yeahh, her blog is great. she has great answers too.


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