Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paris Fashion Week..[Karl Lagerfeld, Celine, Christian Dior, Balmain]

Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2010 RTW line even tho it really didn't have color[black, red, white, grey] i liked it..
Celine Fall 2010 RTW line..I liked some of the looks..
Christian Dior fall 2010 RTW line was my favorite the whole collection is Amazing...Makes me want to post all the looks from this collection because it was just so good..
Balmain Fall 2010 RTW line i never really liked balmain but the fall RTW line was really good made me kinda like balmain...

These are a few looks i liked from Paris Fashion Week - which is still going on as i do this post...[can't wait to see what Givenchy RTW line looks like..] One day i will get the chance to attend Fashion Week -hopefully..This is only half of Paris Fashion Week for more RTW lines or for more looks from the ones i posted go to WWD or Style...If you want to see what looks will be in Paris fashion week check go to Paris Fashion Week Schedule

*Oscar Night i know you all will be watching the show tonight right?? 

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  1. Love your blog, great pics! Thanks for the comment I am now following you.
    P.S. I'm obsessed with Balmain


  2. whoa!
    girl, you're blog is amazing!
    Of course i'm following u and you already have you're killer link on my blog!
    waiting for you're Link of my blog :)
    Hope u keep on visiting my blog, as i will visit yours
    Thanks for the comment!


  3. chanel looks amazing in that baby blue dress!

  4. That Balmain collection is stunninggggg

  5. thx for sharing these! i just love the blue dress!:)

  6. Gorgeous... I love the Christian Dior collection the best. xoxo

  7. I ADORE the zippers, buttons, & the overall classiness of these collections! Seriously! Amazing blog:)

    Follow please? <3

  8. That purple balmain coat is SICK! I year for it :(

  9. Balmain collection was awful, as always.
    But I 've loved so much Dior collection !

    God Bless You

  10. I love the Karl and the balmain collection. But I think that Balmain's collection is the same as the last year.

  11. I also dream of attending one day! We all do, don't we?

    Great picks!


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