Friday, March 19, 2010

This is How i Feel Today...[It's Picture Time]

This is how i feel today...So instead of posting the usual stuff i'm going to do a random picture post..*All pics via different web sites* Karlie Kloss is Via FGR*
Karlie Kloss will be featured in April's Vogue these are a few of my favorites from the shoot...Photos done by David Sims..
GG is okay as long as he's on it..
Favorite right now..
Oh How i LOVE Glee..Sue is super Funny [April 13th the show comes back Glee Fans]
Okay this have nothing to do with this post but ain't this the cutest thing ever..
Funniest thing i've ever seen


  1. You may have felt like "not doing shit today" but instead you've done a fantastic picture post! I love that first sign with the checkbox for "mission accomplished". I should get a blouse or t-shirt with that on it. The other pictures are great! From the pretty Givenchy bustier dress to the hilarious juggled incongruous sandwich ingredients to the sexy lingerie to the cute puppy to the video of a guy clobbering the wrong person it was all great! the funniest thing you'd seen was pretty funny. Is there any way you can think of that I could make the posts about myself male-modeling ladies full brief panties funnier? I love your smorgasbord of photos post.

  2. Thanks for sharing an Ed picture! I love him forever, he;s the hottest! Also, the Olsen collage is great!


  3. great pics! can't wait for glee to come back!!

  4. Wooowww fabulous pics! My fav has got to be the Lady Gaga Telephone "Let's make a Sandwich" pic! Toottaallyy cute!! Stunning blog! x

  5. niiiooooce, love then... cept glee, hate that show lol

  6. ahaha i literally cracked up when i saw that last animated gif. can you say bad ass??? :)
    great post!

  7. Luved ur mix of pics!! Hope u are having a lovely wknd! xx

  8. I wanted to say that Olsens are cute but they lost: the little dog and Rob Pattinson are much cuter!!!

  9. I love the Olsen twins "through the years" pic...and that last animated GIF, I just watched like 10 times. Hilarious!!

  10. Love it, any random collection appeals.

    x Josie

  11. i love Glee :)
    and kesha too :)
    pedicure on my toes :)

  12. love the iPhone-screendump!


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