Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Isabeli Fontana for Vogue Mexico...[3D pics]

Isabeli Fontana [wearing Louis Vuitton jewelry] looks Amazing... Jacques Dequeke [ Photographer] did a great job with the 3D pics i love them..These pictures will be featured in this month's Vogue Mexico.. Usually i listen to songs to come up with titles for my posts but i have nothing today..Anyway what do you think about the pictures?

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  1. These pictures are gorgeous. I like her tat and the first dress the most.

  2. Isabeli Fontana is gorgeous. I love the colours of everything in these photos. Both of the dresses, the jewelry, the swimsuit and the highlights in her hair are all incredibly beautiful. Even her arms have pretty coloured designs on them. What a wonderful photo-spread in Vogue Mexico.

  3. I am dying here! I love that model she is ssssooo womanly and classy. More than that, I love the photo effects-- I have got to figure out how to do copy it in Photoshop.
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  4. hey,awesome pics! THE LAST PINK DRESS IS WONDERFULL.

  5. These are soooo cool! Love the first photo especially.

  6. she is stupid beautiful and i love that dress at the top!

  7. amazing photos:)
    love Isabeli;x

  8. that's exactly what my bikini body looks like, nog big deal.
    hahahaha.jk. goddd she looks amazing in every pic! what a gorgeous editorial.

  9. Beautiful images! I have to see these with my 3d glasses:D


  10. Wow she looks so beautiful! The photos are amazing

  11. Amazing editorial, great concept! I love when magazines try out something different.

  12. i really like your blog. awesome picturesss and your blog name is freakennnnn FUNNY:) come check out mine??


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