Wednesday, April 28, 2010

McQ by Alexander Mcqueen Fall Collection...

So you all know by now that Mcqueen [May he Rest In Peace] is one of my favorite designers and i'm so excited about his new fall  2010 collection McQ by McQueen...I Love everything in this collection...As for my favorite looks i really like that grey and white stripe sweater. Could you see yourself wearing anything in this collection?
-Long Live McQueen
*Bonus Pic*
This is the first issue of Industrie magazine with editor-in-chief of Vogue Anna Wintour on the cover..I will definitely be adding this magazine to my monthly magazine checklist..

*Did Anybody watch the premiere of the City and the Hills last night?


  1. Oh my gawd! I just ADORE his work so much <3

  2. Hola que tal te dejo mi sitio web de alta costura y mi recien inagurado blog de Corsets para que lo visites:

    Saludos y gracias!!

  3. these are such great looks and the styling is impeccable! :)

  4. i can actually see myself wearing some of these. not in the offered combinations, but, yes. that's the beauty of McQueen. he's actually very, very wearable.

  5. I watched! I am glad whitney did good! I so prefer LC over kristin.. and I think Heidi looks horrible and I hope I never have to see my kid transform that much!

  6. Ann is my fashion guru, the collection of Alexandra is the usual miracle, but I like most shoes, and besides, as usual



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