Friday, June 18, 2010

Fashion isn't just a brand it's a feeling..

*Via Behance*
I know the pictures are a little plain and you may think there boring but i kinda like them...
*Bonus Video*
B.O.B "Airplanes featuring my favorite Hayley Williams (of Paramore) this is one of my favorite songs out right now...
Travie McCoy - Superbad and Billionaire
Taio Cruz- Dirty Picture (featuring Ke$ha)
Timbaland- If we ever meet again (featuring Katy Perry)
Eminem- Love the way you lie (featuring Rihanna)
Drake Whole Thank me later cd
Christina Aguilera- WooHoo (featuring Nicki Minaj)
What Are some of your favorite songs at the moment?


  1. holaaa, que lindas fotos!!!
    besos, re lindo el blog.

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  3. hey neesha, how're you? glad to be back in touch! :)
    anyway, those pics are gorgeous; thanks for the inspiration. the girl with the straight long hair is very beautiful. wish i'm her ;)

  4. Yes ... it's all about the feeling!

  5. hi there..

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  6. Gorgeous images & love that song!


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