Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rihanna in ELLE....

Rihanna will be featured in the July 2010 issue of ELLE (BTW New Magazine post coming soon) I love rihanna and her music and style..Definitely a fan of hers
Behind The Scenes of her Elle photo shoot...
Speaking of Rihanna check out her new hair color..I like her better as a blonde which do you like?

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  1. i can't think about her hair, but the dress she's wearing on the cover is seriously fabulous!

  2. the second picture is amazing and rhiannas red hairs are horrible=D

  3. I like the two tone hair color! been listening to her song "HARD" a little toooo much lately!
    awesome blog!


  4. I effing LOVE her! Did you hear the new song with her and Em? I love it! they are two of my fav! xoxo

  5. @Lions, Tiger and Fashion OH MY! Love the Way you Lie i Love that song...

  6. these pics are nice... nice blog... new follower!!!

  7. Her hair on the cover is pretty amazing but I love her dark hair - makes her eyes stand out!

  8. i loved her hai when it was a bit not sure about the red
    but i love her style shes so fierce!

  9. The blonde Rihanna is the best. She's always beautiful in clothes that make her look as feminine as possible- I don't understand why does she sometimes dress like a boy when she goes out... :)

  10. Hey! Sorry ive not commented in SO long, ive been busy revising and doing boring things hahaha
    Great post, as usual
    I prefer Rihanna as a redhead! It's different and looks awesome short, but to be honest, any of them suit her, lucky bugger

    Love, Ruth xo

  11. i like it when Rihanna has multi-coloured or highlighted looks in her hair, but if i had to choose among brunette, blonde, or redhead i'd probably pick brunette. Sorry i've been so tardy in commenting and posting - naughty me.


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