Wednesday, July 21, 2010

August Magazine Covers...

Drew Barrymore in Elle
Lily Allen in Elle UK
Rihanna in Elle Russia, Jennifer Aniston in Elle Poland, Kate Moss in Elle South Africa, and Angelina Jolie in Elle Japan
Katy Perry in Elle Canada
Britney Spears in Cosmo
Heidi Klum in Cosmo Russia, Shakira in Cosmo Italy, Megan Fox in Cosmo Germany and Edyta Herbus in Cosmo Poland
Fergie in Cosmo UK
Dakota Fanning in Marie Claire
Jennifer Lopez in Marie Claire Russia and Cintia Dicker in Marie Claire France
Vanessa Paradis in Marie Claire UK
Vanessa Hudgens in Glamour
Jessica Biel in Glamour UK
Ali Larter in Lucky
Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas in Teen Vogue
Rihanna in Seventeen
Courteney Cox in InStyle
Dannii Minogue in InStyle UK
Janet Jackson in Essence, Joseph Gordon Levitt in Details, and Bill Clinton in Esquire
Angelina Jolie in Vanity Fair
Cameron Diaz in Harper's Bazaar
Marion Cotillard in Harper's Bazaar UK
Paul Rudd in GQ
Tracy Morgan in GQ and IIary Blasi in GQ Russia
Zoe Saldana in GQ UK
Gwyneth Paltrow in Vogue
Cameron Diaz in Vogue Australia and Karlie Kloss in Vogue China
Freja Erichsen in Vogue UK
Eva Mendes in Allure
Marion Cotillard in Interview
Leo DiCaprio in Rolling Stone
Jon Hamm & Rebecca Hall in W
Bridget Moynahan in Self
Another Monthly magazine post this is just a few magazines coming out in August 2010 the only magazines i'm missing is V and Nylon (from all the ones I post often once I get those covers I will post them) If there are certain magazines you will like to see posted monthly let me know..The only magazines i have so far are Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Cosmo (Britney), and InStyle...I might go get that Glamour, Lucky and Marie Claire...Which ones will you be getting?? -Which ones are your favorite?


  1. i'm definitely a fan of all the ELLE covers, drew barrymore is looking absolutely gorgeous! i'm also loving dakota fanning on marie claire. :)

  2. Love your blog! Keep it up hun! :D x

  3. great job, FW, really!
    but is it just me or this month the editors have been kinda lazy, and except vanity fair's angelina and rolling stone's di kaprio all the other covers are... not so much, ehm?

  4. dakota fanning! whaaaatttaa babe !

  5. Drew is also featured on Nylon's August cover, but I personally love her styling for Elle much better - her grown out highlights are so edgy and hot, really love it. I love RUSSH's covers best. Great post, it's cool to see all these covers in one stop for comparison!

  6. This blog is amazing! I am loving it!



  7. OOOH! one more thing. I'm definitely following your blog, and have included you on my blogroll. would greatly appreciate the love back!! thanks!!


  8. is it just me or is the britney cosmo cover really weird....?

  9. The Vanity Fair w/ Anjolie is freakin badass!


  10. i like the flowery top worn by Lily Allen on the cover of Elle UK, the lace and ruffled chiffon dress worn by Fergie on the cover of Cosmo UK, and the lace top worn by Dannii Minogue in InStyle UK. Lots of wonderful cover photos to peruse here. It's so nice seeing what all the magazines have for the month.

  11. Wow! nice collection. Thanks a lot for posting this information. I would love to see cover girls of your magazine in the next months to come. Nice one though! Thanks a lot for the information. Cool blog too!


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