Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teen Choice Awards...Sucked IMO

Red Carpet
The Kardashian Clan
Cast Of Pretty Little Liars (One of my fave shows right now)
Kristen Bell
Selena Gomez (She Looked Nice)
Ashley Greene (Was My fave her dress was cute)
Lea Mitchell
Hilary Duff (Looked Nice)
Emma Roberts (WTF is the only thing I have to say she looked like a highlighter)
Megan Fox
Shailene Woodley and Daren Kagasoff
Keke Palmer
Channing & Jenna

My Favorite part of the show I LOVE Betty White and Sandra Bullock
Meet Cougar Kardashian...And The Kasdashian Sisters
Megan and Taylor
Cast Of Glee (I LOVE this show)
David Beckman (So Hot!!!)
Cast Of Twilight
Noah, Corey (So Cute), And Katy Perry
Katy Perry
Yes I said it this was the worst award show i've seen It sucked so bad yeah it had some good moments (Betty White and Sandra Bullock dancing, Step Up Cast members dancing, and George Lopez as Cougar Kardashian)...I never really watch the Teen Choice Awards and this will be my last time doing so also I wanted to do a post about it (Hits, Missed and Un-Decided) but I rather just show pics from the show and the red carpet instead...Oh and sorry for all the pics


  1. Ashley Greene is my favourite too! Isn't Katy Perry dressed up like the little evil girl from Finding Nemo in that RPattz photo?

  2. i didn't see it,
    glad i missed it then lol

  3. ahhhhh i saw the pictures the other day, boooring... same people same shit. except sandra bullock she looked great.


  4. I Do Think The Kardashians Are A Bunch Of Attention Lovign Whores, But I Love Them At The Same Time.

  5. Ahhhh David Beckham = hero.
    Don't apologise for the photos, they're great. Also, whats your thoughts on Lea Michele's attire, I'm a bit confused. She's lost so much weight


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