Friday, August 20, 2010

Stupid Is Spreading....

These are pictures from the Diesel Be Stupid campaign and as you guys may know I LOVE diesel and the be stupid campaign I think this campaign and the pictures are pretty awesome...Any who for more on the campaign and for more pics go check out Diesel Be Stupid and if you want go check out the old Be Stupid campaign pics....I know I suck as a blogger now so you don't have to tell me I barely post or comment on other peoples blog and i'm sorry bout that I will start back posting more soon as life slows my life is super crazy right now so again sorry if I haven't been commenting on your blogs or posting but I will be back sooner than later... peace ;) 


  1. haha, love it! its too funny! and fabulous too!

  2. These are genius! so creative and fun.

  3. I like this campaign as well!...sounds corny but, I got a free tshirt with the purchase of a Nylon mag couple months ago...I was just thinking I needed another tshirt when I bought it!!!LOL


  4. Where is the DISLIKE button, please?

    Man, what was Diesel thinking to launch this bullshit campaign!?

  5. haha
    the campaign is so funny to me
    i dont understand how someone cant like it :)

  6. I'm not a fan of the "stupid" in the campaign, I actually absolutely the hate the idea of telling people to be stupid, like there aren't enough stupid people on their own!
    But in a context of being "impulsive" or whatever (which I think is actually the purpose of the campaign), I love the pictures and the ideas :)

  7. Agree. It's funny, stupid to some, but that makes it distinct. It doesn;t matter what they are saying, as long as they do. These days that's almost most importatnt. to stand out from the crowd.

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