Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meet The Blogger: Jay Swag

John of Jay Swag

*Who are you and what is it that you do: Hey everyone! My name is John Panichella, but you may know me as Jay P or Jay Swag. I'm the main author of I interview celebrities, report on entertainment news and cover events! In my spare time I manage up and coming artists.

*Age: I'm currently 16 years old, but I'll be 17 on October 19th =]

*How long have you been blogging: I've been blogging for about 2 years. October will be the official 2 year anniversary of JaySwag

*What inspires you to blog: The one thing that truly inspires me is the readers and fans. I love getting comments and emails and tweets regarding the website. People have told me I inspire them, and I guess in a way knowing that I can inspire others, inspires me to keep going on.

*In one word describe yourself: Ambitious

*Two things you can't live without: Two things I can't live without are my MacBook & Publicity (lol that sounds really bad but its true)

*Why should people read your blog? What makes it stand out from all the other blogs: People should read my blog because I can keep them updated with entertainment news, exclusive celebrity interviews and even backstage coverage of events. I stand out from the others because unlike most celebrity blogs, I don't really discuss gossip or rumors, only the straight facts. I hate misinforming my readers.

*What do you want to be when you get older: Well, I'm going to keep this up and branch out into a bigger audience. I also want to open a PR firm and manage artists. So basically, you can say I'm doing what I want to do, but I want to make more money from it! lol It's not all about the money but I definitely want to make enough to support a family. I don't see myself working a 9-5.

*One Celeb you'll love to meet/ One Celeb your sick of hearing about: One celebrity I would love to meet is Nicki Minaj. I'm in love with her! I've proposed to her on twitter multiple times haha. One celebrity I'm tired of hearing about is Justin offense to him. I really respect him for everything he's doing but I think we need a break from hearing about him.

*Favorite interview you've done this far: My favorite interview was probably Luke Bilyk from Degrassi, or D. Woods from Danity Kane. The one with Luke was really cool and I've been keeping in touch with him and his family which is really cool! There such a great family and he is a great actor so shout out to the whole Bilyk family. I really like the D. Woods interview because it was one of the first ones I ever did and one of my goals was to interview her about the break up of Danity Kane, and I was able to do that. But I'm really grateful for every person I interview. I've been really lucky.

*What's the best advice anyone has given you/any advice for new and upcoming bloggers: The best advice I've ever gotten was basically to never give up. I was told that I would hear the word "no" a lot, but that should'nt stop me. And that was spot on! I've heard "no" so many times but I keep going until I get a yes. I don't let anything put me down and I always look at the positive side of things. To all upcoming bloggers, don't stop! If this is what you love to do keep doing it, but make sure you know that you have to dedicate a lot of your time. Also, don't be discouraged if it takes a while to start up. and the most important thing about blogging is NETWORKING. Without networking I would be nowhere.

*One thing people should know about you that you feel they don't know: Hmm one thing that people don't really know about me that I would like for them to know is that I really feel lucky to be where I'm at. Every month my readership goes up. It's now at about 55k a month and I couldn't be happier. If it weren't for all the readers and great people in the industry that I've met so far I wouldn't be where I'm at. So basically I just want to thank everyone for being supportive of the site!

*Bonus Question...Do you have a favorite designer: I'm really into fashion and always looking cool (well in my opinion haha!) But I can't say I have a favorite designer. I don't stick with one specific brand. Usually, I go to stores where most people don't shop and buy things that most people wouldn't wear. Accessories are always a big part of my outfit and I really do like Simmons Jewlery and Melody Ehsani! They're both amazing.

-Okay "Meet The Blogger" is back in full effect lol and for the first one I got to "interview" my friend John most of y'all may know him from his site Jay Swag (and if you do you'll know he's not really a "fashion blogger" so I had to switch up the questions a little) anyway hope you guys enjoyed the MTB..Thanks Jay for answering these questions for me your answers are awesome :) everyone he has an AMAZING blog go check out his blog and follow him trust me you'll love it...


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  2. It came out great! I'm glad you liked me answers =] I'll post about this on my website later. Keep up the good work I love your blog too!


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