Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Lady Gaga...I didn't even know that was a meat dress until earlier yesterday when people started making such a big deal about it...But anyway I loved her McQueen dress and glad she won all those awards she deserves it.
My Picks:
Ashley Greene to me was the best dress...But I loved Katy Perry, Kesha and Audrina's dresses they looked nice too.
Drake, Ciara, Hayley Williams, Eva, and Tristan Wilds...Loved what the boys were wearing the girls it was so so for me with some of them
1st pic: Katy Perry, Rihanna, Kesha and Nicki Minaj. 2nd: Rihanna, Justin and Katy, 3rd: NERD 4th: Jersey Shore Cast (with the new girl..)
Eminem and Rihanna...alot people saying they should date idk I think they could be cute together...maybe Love their song together tho.

Chelsea and Lindsay Lohan opening act..lol I love these two
Okay so usually I do a hits, miss and undecided post and I was ready to do one but...I didn't see anything really that cute besides Ashley Greene's dress (and my other picks)..and besides this show was umm how do you say whack as hell in a nice way? lol I didn't like it as much as I liked last years and NO it wasn't because of the host Chelsea did a great job imo it was just the performances the only good performance was probably eminem (and maybe kanye) and I know some of you may argue with me but hey it's the truth everyone sucked especially taylor swift her and them high notes wasn't doing it for me *kanye shrug* lol (and don't go calling me a t-swift hater I'm actually a fan of hers just wasn't feeling that song or performance) . I really didn't even want to do a VMA post but I did one anyway (a shorten hits and somewhat miss list)..Anyway I want to know what you guys thought about the VMA's? What were your favorite moments? Who outfit was your favorite? Who performance did you like? And what you think about Chelsea Handler as a host?

*Oh and yall know 90210 and Gossip Girl came back on yesterday did anybody watch? I finally gave GG a chance its an okay show not something I would watch every week tho but its ok..New post coming soon this is just a quick update ;)


  1. i love your breakdowns! lady gaga is seriously out of control! but i'm so glad she won all those awards. i thought chelsea wasn't as funny as usual, but thanks for the little recap :)


  2. Oh thanks ;) Lol...she's funny to me and I love her show..

  3. Hey!
    Great review, I think I agree that I was a bit disappointed by the dresses though - nothing major wow to be honest. Lady G is awesome but so weird sometimes...

    YES. Watched both GG and 90210 - I think you have to have watched GG from the first episode to truly love it! All their outfits and so on.


  4. Lol Milly I think I should watch the show from the beginning maybe i'll like it as much as I love 90210 idk last night was kinda good the parts I did see lol..

  5. when it comes to lady gaga, i always get speechless in a good way, shes the only person i really anticipated to see on the white carpet lol the whole time staring at her meat dress..i was thinking about bbq LOL

  6. Lady Gaga did deserve all the awards but would have much preferred her lingerie to the meat outfit - i'm a vegetarian. Who was that she's kissing in the top right photo? Great sum-up of the VMAs. Love all the photos and the video clip. That was a good pretty good spank Lindsay gave Chelsea in the surprise appearance. Funny clip. Rihanna looked great too.


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