Monday, November 22, 2010

AMA's A Quick Review...

My Picks:
Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Fergie and Katy Perry imo Rihanna and Miley really was best dress for me out of everyone
Sorta Hate:
Willow, Nicki Minaj, Kesha (I really love her tho), Mandy Moore why was she even there?
Avril, Taylor (almost didn't know who that was), Natasha, Christina Milian..kinda liked these all but not enough to make the hits list.
My two faves Katy and Rihanna with Justin & Usher
I HATE Dirty Money, Backstreet/NKOTB, Pink ad Carey (Love her and Congrats to her on the Baby), Jessica Alba looked great, Ne-Yo (congrats to him on the new baby girl), Natasha, Christina, Katy Perry and Julianna Hough.
Rihanna Hands DOWN had thee best performances (others were Pink and X-Tina) she performed LTWYL2,Only Girl and What's My Name off her new CD LOUD btw if you don't have it go get it it's really Amazing.
Okay so this was an O.k award show not gonna lie I only really watched it to see Rihanna perform..She slayed that's all imma say bout that now on to the people who sucked (And don't get me wrong I Love these people they just disappointed me last night). Miley Cyrus I don't even know what song she performed but whatever it was wasn't great, Katy Perry throughout the whole performance I had a WTF face I love "Fireworks" but all that extra stuff just ruined the performance for me, Taylor Swift umm. I don't get it she's getting worst and worst every award show or has she always sucked live and I'm just now noticing like really last time (VMA's) I let it kinda slide b/c I love her but this time really? Why do she keep performing songs with high notes if she know she can't hit them? whatever..Kesha Love her hated the auto-tune. Justin Bieber I hate his fans must he win every damn thing lol, Pink and Christina Aguilera is Amazing. Lady Gaga didn't win enough awards, Nicki Minaj is just too much. Ne-Yo/Usher did good Ok really didn't notice anyone else at the AMA's I missed the end because I switched to watch RHOA quick little summary I know run-on sentences lol I just felt like writing and not giving a damn bout mistakes so yeah ttyl. Leave a comment below of your fave moments, best dress, worst etc (even if I didn't list them here) new post will be up later.


  1. Loving this post :) Nickie MInaj dress is WTF!!


    My Stylish Little Secret

  2. i think rihanna looked stunning!

  3. OMG, Rihanna not only had the prettiest dress, but she looked better than ever and that music video of her is really fantastic. I concur with Willow's outfit being not so good and liked Christina Milian's dress, but Rihanna was just amazing.

  4. I really love Rihanna's dress. It's good to see something like that next to the short dresses. She's got a good stylist!

  5. Great photos! I thought Taylor and Miley looked really pretty! xx

  6. I agree that Rihanna looked nice(loved her hair)!! loved Fergie's dress, willow's dress ummmm??(lol)loved Taylor's bangs!!! omg I agree with the Justin Bieber thing but I loved the song he was singing.!!

  7. I don't like Dirty Money either. And I thought Miley looked gorgeous on the red carpet!

  8. I love your picks! Thanks for sharing everything!

    I'm sorry to hear about that hacker!Really awful people...


  9. Great post.
    I dont like taylors new look, shes preety, but something about her makeup made her look really superficial.

    Kesha....*no comment* Smh

  10. Kesha knew better.

    I think Miley won best dressed.

    wasnt really feelin' Taylor's look. Shes pretty n all, but the make up made her look superficial.

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  12. ughhhh Nicki WHY WHY WHY?!?! & I love that Pink's hair is nearly grey, so awesome.


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