Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One SIZE Fits ALL..Duhh!!

First glimpse of  the “size” issue [V magazine] Layout Done By Terry Richardson . The Spread features Jacquelyn Jablonski and plus-size model Crystal Renn [Author Of Hungry] Taking similar poses while wearing identical outfits. I Love It And for Crystal to be a Plus Size Model she Look AMAZING!!! And My Title we all know One Size doesn't Fit all i just felt like saying duhh...

*No Bonus Picture i Already Did one today so i Won't add one to this Post Check out my Previous Post to see it And Also if you Got and Award from me it's Also in the Previous Post*


  1. that green skirt and the black leotard - sex!

    xx maxi

  2. love the whole concept of the shoot..then again it's Terry Richardson, no wonder :)

    great blog!

  3. the fact that crystal is "plus size" is so unreal to me. her waist is tiny! oh the world we live in, so strange sometimes.

    xo Niki


  4. I love the plus-size model...she's got more spunk.

  5. woww these shoes are killers

  6. I'm totally telling my bestie that she needs to dig out that bottle cap belt I got her in high school!

  7. Hey Neesh! - Love the shots and the plus size concept is really cool! Link Exchange sounds awesome :)


  8. KILLA MAyJOR!!!!!! Fierce is irrespective of size!!! Attitude transcends all!!! i wish they will stop using the label plus size and let our minds make it out to our eyes!!! Crystal is pure SEX!!!

  9. Amazing photos; I love the splashes of texture/patterns/color and am in LOVE with the necklaces. It's crazy that she's considered plus size; it's more like REAL size and she looks fab...

  10. Oh dear, that first skirt? Please be mine soon.

  11. wow these pics are amazinggg

  12. the best thing about Chrystal is that her skin is perfect, and she is fit. skinny models don't have to be fit, because, they're already thin :)

  13. gorgeous darling
    love your blog, love the inspiration
    keep it up, i love coming by and seeing what beauty you have to show
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for the sweet comments, come enter my giveaway for a perricone hydrating nutrient mask!


  14. what an AMAZING spread! thanks for sharing <3

  15. I just wrote a post about Lanvin and their amazing ad campaign, check it out -


    I love your blog! Just found it - great work!

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