Monday, January 11, 2010

Mellow Drama..

I Love This D&G Outfit

I'm Sorry But i don't Like this..I Guess its the Jacket That Throws me Off.

This is My Favorite..i Love The way it Sparkle
Karmen Pedaru looks Great The Pictures are Featured in The January 2010 issue of Allure. Photos Done By Patrick Demarchelier.

*Bonus Picture*
Karl Lagerfeld..I Want That Bag i Also Want the Who The F is Chanel Shirt [Below] if you want to Order That Shirt or Just Check out other Cool Shirts Go to Modekungen


  1. Super post! I love Carmen because she's Romanian like I am :D

    And the Karl bag and the shirt...I love to have them!!! I saw them before and I'm dreaming of getting them :P


  2. The second and third one are my favourites. And i DIY the Karl bag but then: Lenine who? :)

  3. really lovely photos (:

    and karl is the greatest! the bag! the shirt ;) love it!

    so long, caroline.

  4. these are such fantastic look. i especially love the menswear look with the suspenders.
    and haha i want that who the fuck is chanel shirt :P

  5. That Gucci dress spoke to me! Love it!

    where oh where can I get my hands on the Karl Who bag?!

  6. I love the tshirt in the last photo!I want it

  7. Gorgeous editorial! Very inspirational. And I want that t-shirt! :P

  8. Have been meaning to follow you for ages, finally got round to it!!

    Love that Karl Who bag, 5preview do some Coco Who bags to.

    Sonia x

  9. This is the best spread Ive seen all year (all 11 days of it) and all season!! Seriously. Its perfect and simple and stylized and the colors are really warm and earty. Loves it.

  10. ohhh the editorial, love it!!!
    it really makes me want to have summer!!!

    hahahaa, the who the fuck is chanel, i like it a lot!!! perfect!


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