Monday, January 11, 2010

Perfect Sport..Plus "Meet The Blogger"

Favorite Picture Of Them All

Okay Can We Say AMAZING!!! This Editorial is Great i Love it..Karlie Kloss Looks Great Photos by Patrick Demarchelier-Starting to Become My Fave Photographer The Pictures Will Be Featured in February issue of Vogue China.

Instead Of A Bonus Picture im Going to Try Something New Called "Meet The Blogger" Something Me & My Fellow Blogger Friend Jay Did.-He Came up with the Idea Jay is An AMAZING blogger i don't even think i need to really say that because if you been to his Blog you already Know how Great of an Blogger he is i LOVE His Blog & if you never been to his Blog Go Check it out You'll Love it Too For Your Satisfashion also go Check out My Meet The Blogger on his Blog ;)


-Favorite Fashion Hauses - Chanel, McQueen, YSL, Hermes, MMM, Balmain.. There are to many
- Favorite Designers - Stefano Pilati, Orschel-Read, Alexander Wang.. & Once again i have to many to mention
- Your Age - 18
- Favorite Food - Mac&Cheese @ Prime 112 SoBe
- Favorite Song right now - Every song on THE FAME MONS✝er
- Why You Fashion Blog - Because I love that -O.M.G- urge when i see something amazing.
- What inspires you to blog - All the fashion around the world.. i want to talk about it, and one day see it, feel it, wear it, own it.. & what inspires me to keep blogging is not only the fashion but the feedback all the readers give!!
- What inspired you to start blogging - Lady GaGa, Music & other bloggers.. I thought, hey i want my opinion to be given feedback..
- Favorite fashion city in the world ATM - New York.. But you already knew that!!
- What you want to do when your older!!! - I eventually want to design, be a singer, and write for a magazine!! So many things but its never enough!!


  1. Nice post and I think 'Meet the Blogger' is a cool new section.

    Oh and your my feature blog of the week. Congrats

  2. OMG!

    I love your blog SOOO MUCH!!
    You'r amazing...

    Follow me,

  3. his blog has too much words for me!lol!

  4. Great editorial. I love the use of high fashion incorporated with gymnastics equipment!

    and hey your new concept about the "Meet the blogger" is really cool! thanks for the introduction!

  5. Im loving the accesoriess!!!!

  6. heya. i just saw your email dear !
    this is a fabulous spread.. i love karlie kloss very much as well :D

    glisters and blisters

  7. Wonderful editorial. Demarchelier is one of the biggest photografers in the too...
    Thanks also for the interview and for the link to Jay's page :D


  8. Hey, it´s a cool Idea to meet the blogger.
    Thank you for thsi post.
    cheers from germany

  9. Totally love the photoshoot! The first pic has to be my fav. Great post Fashion Whore!

  10. Totally love the photoshoot! The first pic has to be my fav. Great post Fashion Whore!

  11. gaddayam karlie

    i agree jay IS a good blogger

  12. wow, so in love with these eds! karlie kloss is such an awesome model. thank you for sharing and congratulations for a feature by jay, Neesha. you deserve it :)

    p.s. hey, let's exchange links! :)

  13. amazing pictures i like it . it`s really so beautiful and thanks for sharing this pictures with us.........

    Valentines Day SMS

  14. Was so inspired by that fashion editorial you just posted - Kate Moss looks so cool. And I love your meet the blogger idea - great way to get introduced to new blogs and find out about who is behind each one! LOVE IT!!

  15. Haha, this is really my fav blog

  16. Love this meet the blogger idea - brilliant! Will mos def be checking Jay out :)


  17. ugh, Karlie Kloss, I die. Love this post. and lovelovelove that you're my first follower! j'adore fashionwhore.

  18. they all look so tough and stunning.


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