Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meet The Bloggers..Haute Bitch & F Word Online

Michael From The Haute Bitch

*Favorite Designer - That's a difficult one, I have so many If I had to choose I'd have to go with Prada for their timeless classics and signature pieces.
*Age - I still feel like I'm 19 but my driver's license seems to disagree. I'm actually about to say goodbye to my early twenties in less than 2 weeks! Happy 24th B-day to me :(
*One Celeb you'll love to meet - Don't hate but Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. I love my socialites.
*Why Should people read your blog, what makes it stand out from other "Fashion Blogs" - I think there's a huge shortage in men's fashion blogs. The Haute Bitch is a combination of high fashion, humour, my own take on style, and pop culture. You'll find a little bit of everything on my blog.
*Favorite store you love to shop at - It all depends on my funds. If I'm feeling the need to splurge - Holt Renfrew. But If my funds aren't looking pretty I can usually find something I like at H&M or Zara. There's nothing like finding an authentic designer piece hidden in the racks of Value Village as well.
*One blog that's your favorite and you feel others should read - I love Stockholm Street Style. I get some of my inspiration and DIY ideas from the streets of Stockholm.
*Two Things You Can't live without - A quote from a failed road trip to Hollywood "All I need is self-tanner and a toothbrush!" That pretty much sums it up!
*In One Word Describe yourself - Quirky
*What Inspires you to blog - My readers! Their constant love for my blog inspires me to continue posting and updating it weekly! Thanks guys :)
*Favorite Song at The moment - Rude Boy - Rhianna. So catchy, and the video is mesmerizing.
Louise From The F Word Online

*Favorite designer: To be honest I don't have a favourite yet. I'm still waiting for that one designer line that's going to make me stop and stare every time I see it, but I do love many including Jimmy Choo, Alexander Wang and Alexander McQueen.
*Age: 21
*In one word describe yourself: Wild
*Favorite song at the moment: John Legend - Save room
*Favorite movie: Wicker Park
*What you want to be when you get older: I want to work in Public Relations
*Why should people read your blog: I've never pushed my blog onto anyone, but if people want to read about a DIY on how to shred a shirt, steal boy's clothing, or how to manage a drunk night in a little tube dress, then I guess my blog provides the little quirks to survive our fashion dilemmas.
*What makes it stand out from all the other "Fashion Blogs": My blog has become a very personal project - if I'm feeling a certain way, I channel it into my blog. If I love something, I use it to inspire an outfit. I've always had a different perspective on fashion because sometimes the things that people cringe at are the things that I see as an opportunity to try anew.
*One thing you can't live without: Music! It's on 24/7 whether I'm driving, cleaning my room, cooking in the kitchen, etc.
*Celeb crush: Jude Law, have you seen him in "the holiday" ?!
*Favorite food: Sushi. Absolutely love it. I ate it 3 days in a row once and didn't get sick of it.

Okay So i Decided to do New "Meet the Blogger" Something Me & My Fellow Blogger Friend Jay (For Your Satisfashion) Did a while back -He Came up with the Idea, and instead of One i Picked Two of My favorite blogs The Haute Bitch and The F Word Online these two blogs are Really Amazing Really Great blogs trust me i wouldn't lie to you guys ;) Michael is one of my Favorite Male Bloggers his blog is very entertaining and Louise's blog been a Favorite of mine since i first viewed it Definitely go Check Out these two blogs and Follow Them...

-Thanks Michael and Louise!!!
I Will try to do these monthly -Because i know there is alot of Great blogs out there so if you want to be apart of the next "Meet The Blogger" email and let me know


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  3. Very interesting. We have some things in common. Not the one about socialites.

    B* a la Moda

  4. hey girl, sorry for the late response. life is feeling just a little too unorganized and crazy, ha. thanks for the tribute girl, i'm so flattered :)

    xx lue

  5. I love The Haute Bitch! Of one my fav. blogs - esp. because of the sense of humour. :)

  6. Nice reading these, the questions were really interesting. KISS

  7. the haute bitch is bad assssss <3


  8. ugh omg my love the alexander mcqueen scarf i NEED ONE! ♥



  9. They are both lovely! I really like the Haute Bitch! Love him, he's my inspiration!

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