Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Models Do Eat..[Well Some Of Them]

Anna Selezneva is featured in March 2010 issue of Vogue Paris Bijoux..Now Last time i did a post on her "No Such Thing as too Skinny" i said i wasn't going to make fun of how skinny she is But i will say she is One skinny Little Bird..I Like her tho she takes great pics..
I Love Alexa Chung..But this shoot was kinda boring to me- its not her its just the shoot looked too plain..


  1. Love the pics... Especially Alexa! :)

  2. I looked at the pics of Alexa in the recent issue of Vogue and wasn't impressed. I can she she is beautiful but I think her problem is her hair which never seems to change and also hides her features and feline eyes x

  3. love the photos. the setting and inspiration is very unique. are they from a magazine photo shoot?


  4. i love both shoots!

  5. Anna knows how to project really well... yes, she's too skinny but I always get drawn to her eyes. Love it!!!

  6. skinny little bird... lol.
    she looks great imo.
    great pics <3

  7. In my opinion, Anna Selezneva is too thin.
    Alexa Chung is fantastic :D

  8. skinny she is indeed, but, come on, maybe the girl can't help it.

  9. She is very skinny but I love the way she look and these pictures are really cool


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