Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What The Hellz Summer '10 To Dye For Collection...

I Want This Shirt...
*Pics Via What The Hellz*

This is What The Hellz Summer '10 To Dye For collection I love everything in this collection...Check out Hellz Bellz to view the rest of the collection...

*Sorry for the lack of post, comment replies and stuff but i've been SUPER busy and i thought that after i graduated i will have more free time but i was wrong so once i get the chance i will reply, follow, and do the Meet the blogger posts to everyone that has asked also I think its about that time for this blog to get a makeover I know for the last month's this blog has kinda been all over the place so if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know or if you want to see more of something (from past months or just need to see more of) let me know ;) I will be back soon....


  1. i love this lookbook! the styling is fantastic as well :)

  2. i love these posts!!!


  3. if only this was my style - i would totally go for it. very rebellious look, i love it :)

  4. wow gorgeous clothes =]

  5. Amazing amazing amazing!! Loooove those bracelets, too!

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  6. people have been blogging the crap out of the new Hellz Bellz stuff...and with good reason...It looks incredible!! I love the photography of it as well.

    Fashion X K8.blogspot.com

  7. These are so amazing! Would love to get my little paws on these pieces!

  8. lovee the second look! all the pieces look ridiculously cool!


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