Saturday, July 3, 2010

So Happy I Could Die... (Rihanna in Seventeen)

Only four of these pics are featured in the August issue of seventeen
Extra pics not in the issue
One quote I liked in the issue is 17: If you could inspire our readers to do one thing, what would it be ? R: "The biggest example that I want to set for people is to dare to be different. Do'nt be afraid to be yourself just because you're not like everyone else in class. Not everyone is going to like you that's the world we live in, that's reality. So when you're 50 years old and you look back on your life, you want to know that you lived it for you and not for other people."
Rihanna will be featured in the august issue of seventeen magazine which is on sell right now so if your a fan of Rihanna go get yourself a copy in this issue she talks about how happy she is right now, bff melissa and a little about chris ...I Love the pictures and rihanna I think she looks great but then again she always does so whatever...Speaking of magazines I just got two new ones (Seventeen and The August issue of Teen Vogue) why I took a picture of them? Idk i guess i'm just camera happy -just got a new camera so why not take random pics lol any who does any body have Teen Vogue?
*Bonus Pic*


  1. Great shots of her!

    Hoping you can stop by - I am running my first giveaway and its an amazing watch - just need to leave a comment of your fav fashions. Thanks!

  2. It was a gorgeous editorial of her!

  3. i love those pictures,
    i want the new teen vogue too but it should be comming in the mail,
    but i think its kind of awkward bc they arent together anymore and the whole interview was like about their breakup lol

  4. What wonderful photos of Rihanna. She looks beautiful and happy.

  5. lol i just bought the seventeen magazine w rihanna yesterday... didn't get to read it yet ~ waiting till i go on vacation on monday lol!!! but anywho these pictures are really nice. i like them!!!! ; D

  6. Love these pics of Rihanna! It's nice to see her softened up a bit. She has awesome style, but sometimes it's just too intense. This looks so pretty and effortless.

  7. I love Rihanna! She is so gorgeous and strong and beautiful! :)


  8. this issue isnt out in my country yet, but i did get my hands on the teen vogue one :)

    thanks for stopping by at my blog !

  9. that crochet dress is lovely!

  10. The quote you choose is very inspiring. She is right, you have to life for yourself and not for everybody else.

  11. she looks good in this photoshoot and i would like to read this magazine,too =D

  12. love rihanna, i cant believe i didn't go to her concert last sunday!!!!! big regret!

    <3 B

  13. oh i have that 17 and i think she looks great on the cover. love the green eye shadow and the young look!

    i follow you now. feel free to follow me too.

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