Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Blog Interview With Tuesdai....

Interview by HER Fashion Whore
♥Why did you first start blogging? And what's continously inspired you to do so?
Actually I started my blog (The Real Dish) after watching run's house haha (And checking out Diggy's blog) but it wasn't until i got the teen vogue handbook did i start my "fashion blog". What inspires me to keep blogging is my followers (I Love you guys) of course and the comments

♥How long have you been blogging?
Since June 2009  (Since June 2009 on The Real Dish and Since Nov. 2009  On The Fashion Wh0re)

♥What's the funniest/saddest or "Huh?!" thing you ever read on a blog?
The funniest thing i read was The Haute Bitch this is what's in my bag bitches post, the saddest was a post that Glisters and Blisters did about animal abuse it was so sad -after you seen this post you will never want to wear fur again.

♥What's been or was your favorite post ?
I have so many its hard to pick just one but my favorite one was the 90210 or Gossip Girls post still don't get all the hype about Gossip Girls i still think 90210 is better.

♥What's your favorite subject to write about? Why?
Fashion of course (fashion shows, runways, ad campaigns, magazine covers, editorials) you can  always find something interesting to post about..

♥Who's your style icon? Why?
This red head right here (Rihanna) I don't know why i just love her style everything she wears is just amazing...Also Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo (I Love everything she wears) Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, and Mary Kate Olsen are some of the other style icons

♥What do you always hope people gleam from after their visit?
Inspiration and I hope that the readers enjoy my blog and keep coming back.

♥What are your favorite blogs?

Finish this sentence : I am....... Waiting on the world to change with my future boyfriend John Mayer

*Thanks so much Tuesdai for doing the blog interview I love how it came out looking everybody go check out her blog and FOLLOW her blog (Her blog is really cool)  ..A Reflection by Tuesdai  Btw has anybody seen Eclipse yet? I'm going to see it again if you haven't seen it i'm not gon spoil it for you all i'm going to say is if  your a twilight fan you definitely need to go see it ...


  1. awww thanks for including me as one of your favorite blogs! and i love the last answer!ha!

  2. I love your last quote... waiting for the world to change with your future BF John Mayer. Why not?

    Love this interview, great to know a lot of facts about you. xoxo

  3. great interview and lovely photo of rihanna. I'm not a huge fan of hers normally but i totally love whats shes wearing there.

  4. Wow... Fantastic interview..
    Great post..

  5. Hi Fashion Whore!

    nice interview, I love the way you ask your questions.

    I will defiantly take lots of pictures during the fashion shows! It's going to be so awesome! this is going to be my first important fashion show I'm going to I'm excited.

    My summer has been pretty relaxing and quite. But that's coming to an end, because there are so many events this month. So I'm going to be busy busy busy.

    How about you??

  6. Fabulous interview and pics!
    Can't wait to check out her fave blogs!



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