Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So Beyond Blue..

 Constance Jablonski in W’s latest issue surrounded by a gang of male studs which makes the shoot Hotter [Joan Pedrola, Isaac Weber and Marlon Teixeira]. Photographed by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer

*Bonus Picture*

Victoria Secret Model Adriana Liam..Last night i was watching E! and she was on this List i forgot what the show was Called but yeah Anyway Adriana Liam is One of the Prettiest Models ever [Okay That might be a stretch to some of you] But She is Amazing Looking but then again she is a VS Model and all those models are Amazing Looking..

Also Thanks To Jade For Giving me This Award i Really Appreciate this..I Guess i Have to Tell You 7 Things About Myself:
1. i Wanted to Be A Lawyer BUT..i don't want to be in school Forever so Then i Decided i Wanted to Be a Real Estate Agent but every year i decide to do something New..
2. I'm A Neat Freak..Everything is Organized [ in My Room] & if One thing is Not then i Feel Kinda Outta Place
3. i Own Over 100 Magazines [ From Teen Vogue To J-14..haha]
4. Love 90210, Desperate Houswives, Chelsea Lately ,The Hills, and The City [Jersey Shore is A New Fave]
5. I Don't Own a Dress Or Heels or Really Nothing too Girly for that Matter..i Rather wear Flats & t-shirts
6. Movie i can Watch Forever is Juno gosh i Love that Movie
7. My friends call me Wierd Because i Listen to Every Thing [Rock-Rap] i Just like what i Like and i don't like limit myself to just One Genre i Like Everything..

This Award Goes to:
Fade To Black
Nana in Wonderland
The Society Of Style
Zebra And Meerkat
Live Glam Or Die
And Of Course Back To You Jade These are just a Few Blogs i really Enjoy but I Love all the Blogs i seen so far but those are a few Faves Check Them Out Guys and Follow Them ;)


  1. check out my blog. melslifeofthefashionist.blogspot.com

  2. Big thanks on the award... now I am a real beautiful blogger. LOL.

    I am also a neat freak... great minds think alike right?

  3. thanks so much on the award! love it!!!!

  4. I love this pictures! :D

  5. Love your blog and these pictures, your header is btw so cool!

    x Birgit

  6. Love the colored pants! hot!


  8. those photos are great.i love your blog!!
    adriana is one of the Prettiest models ,her eyes and smile are amazing

    kisses i follow you

  9. Love the blog I'm definitely going to follow You deserve the beautiful blogger award hun!

    Pleas check out my blog

  10. omg those ripped red skinny jeans are hotness that need to be aquainted with moi asap..i need to find some, and thanks for vistiting my blog, i will most def follow you : )

  11. I think she's stunning. That has got to be one gorgeous bambino!

  12. Thank you so much for the award! :)

  13. omg i only just found this!
    such an idiot!haha
    i just thanked you on my blog!
    pls forgive the lateness :)++


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